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Our Passion is Supporting the Community and Giving Back. Join us in 2019!

As a participant  in Run Rocklin, you will be supporting   the  Matt Redding Foundation which is our key non-profit for the last  13 years.  The specific purpose of the Foundation is to continue and  encourage the pursuit of education in Protective Services.  This  includes the pursuit of education related to the medical field and the  protection and security of Local, State and National security.  The  Foundation provides financial support to graduating seniors through  scholarships to Del Oro High (Matt's High School) and to the Rocklin  High Schools.  Applicants are received from the High Schools and are  selected by our Board of Directors.

In addition  your participation as a team member supports numerous other non profits  and schools.  Team participation resulted in over $6,500 of fund raising dollars in 2018.  This is addition to the funds raised for the Matt Redding Foundation

The  Rocklin Public Safety Foundation is a non-profit that exists to support  and enhance the police and fire departments in the City of Rocklin.   The volunteers of this organization are key contributors the the safety  of all of our participants by providing traffic management at all of the  key intersections on each of our courses.  Each year we make a  significant contribution to the RPSF.

Run Rocklin was born in 2004  as Rocklin Run for The Gold.  It was created by a small group of  dedicated Rocklin residents who wanted to establish a run/walk event  that would benefit local organizations and causes.  From the very  beginning they built a complete, well organized run/walk format that has  with stood the test of time.  The group worked with the City of Rocklin  from the outset and formed a relationship that has evolved over the  last 14 plus years into a well oiled functioning partnership.

The  first Rocklin Run for the Gold  was themed for St. Patricks Day in  March of 2004.  It will well attended and benefited a group that moved  St. Mary's church in Rocklin to its present location.  The success and  growth has continued in subsequent years.

In  2006 the Title Sponsor of Rocklin Run for The Gold assumed  responsibility for the event and has "taken care" of the run/walk ever  since.  The event was renamed "Run Rocklin" and has continued to  contribute to our local community organizations and causes.

Written by John and Marilyn Redding

Matt became a Rocklin Police Officer in 2001.  He was dedicated to keeping our community

a safer place for all of us to live.  Matt was a firearms instructor for his department and a member

of The Rocklin/Roseville SWAT Team.  He specialized in drug and alcohol detection.  Matt was the

recipient of the MADD Award, LIfe Saving Award and the Bronze Medal of Honor.  Matt loved is job ,

his family and the community he grew up in.  Matt's life was cut short while on duty with the

Rocklin Police Department, by a drunk driver October 9, 2005.  We cherish the memories we shared together.  His death has created a void in our lives that cannot be filled.  We  wanted to keep Matt's name alive in this community by doing good  things.  The concept of this Foundation started the week of October 9,  2005 by personal donations and has continued by fund raiser and  donations over the past 12 plus years.

The specific purpose of  the Foundation is to continue and encourage the pursuit of education in  Protective Services.  This includes the pursuit of education related to  the medical field and the protection and security of Local, State and  National security.  The Foundation provides financial support to  graduating seniors through scholarships to Del Oro High (Matt's High  School) and to the Rocklin High Schools.  Applicants are received from  the High Schools and are selected by our Board of Directors.

Run  Rocklin has contributed $150,000 to The Matt Redding foundation.  Our  Thanks to all of the participants, sponsors and service provides. who  together created this sucessful community event. It warms our hearts to  see this Foundation grow through this community event.  Please join us  for the 16th Annual Run Rocklin on April 7th.  Proceeds from this event  will be directed to the Foundation.

If you would like to make a direct contribution to the Foundation make your check payable to: 

The Matt Redding Foundation and send it to:  5725 Bluffs Dr., Rocklin, CA 95765. 

The Foundations Federal I.D. number is 14-1955150.  Your direct donation is tax deductible.

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